My experience in GSSOC’21 | Kickstart to Open Source

What is Open Source?

Open-source software is a software that is free to use, openly accessible to all so that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance it. It is a great way to get real-world software development experience from the comfort of your home. Benefits of contributing to open- source are endless, one not only gains exposure but can also test their skills, gain knowledge, and bond with the community in order to produce quality code that helps people around the world.

My journey and experience!

So, in the month of January 2021, I filled the form for GSSoC’21 core team member by making a video on why I should get selected for the post of Graphic Design. I literally had no idea what to say in the video and how it should sound professional because I have never done this before. But somehow I made the video and submitted my application!And….

Major Takeaways from this journey:

◉ Contribute to projects that interest you even if they use an altogether new tech stack, in my case I selected Desgen. I believe in the process of learning while doing.
◉ Never ever hesitate to ask doubts, the mentors are ready to solve even the silliest doubts. All you need is patience and willingness to learn.
◉ Always, read the contribution guidelines and go through the project’s guide on how to start, how to set up a project on your local PC, and start your goal of making your first contribution.
◉ Always try to work with an updated forked repository, so as to avoid merge conflicts.
◉ Ensure that you create a new branch every time before committing the changes instead of creating a PR from the master branch.
◉ Stay active in the coding community and help fellow participants as much as you can.

My certificates:

Core Team Member Certificate
Participation Certificate
Campus Ambassador Certificate



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